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The Consequences of the Aarey Metro Project

To say that the Aarey Metro Project has been a controversial undertaking, would be an understatement. It is an ambitious project which would put a metro car shed in the heart of ‘Lungs of Mumbai’ or the Aarey forest that has been enshrouded in a fierce legal battle. Environmentalists state that the project would hamper the ecosystem and would upset the extremely fragile flora and fauna. Many in Mumbai want to preserve the greenery which they feel makes life worth living in the concrete jungle around it but the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMLC) remains adamant that the project should go ahead. The proposed car depot will have an administrative building, operation control, inspection and maintenance workshops, and stabling lines for the parking of trains, according to the MMRCL.
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Zhou Guanyu - Alfa Romeo - Bio, F1 Record, Stats and News

Zhou Guanyu, the promising young driver from China, made history as the first Chinese F1 driver to participate in a grand prix weekend. Although initially labeled a “pay driver,” Zhou has silenced his doubters and shown steady progress, keeping up with his much more experienced teammate.

Affectionately known as “Joey,” Zhou made his F1 debut in 2021, replacing Fernando Alonso for the first practice session at the Austrian Grand Prix for the Alpine F1 team.

Return to India on the cards for Liberty Media?

The Indian Grand Prix took place from 2011-2013, before being put on a temporary two year hiatus. Formula One (F1) has not returned to India. Three main issues prevented the two year hiatus from being lifted by the FIA(Federation Automobile Internationale).

Firstly, the Indian Government did not consider F1 to be a sport and considered it to be a form of entertainment and the state hosting the Grand Prix wanted to charge 60% as “entertainment tax”.

Michael Owen is the official ambassador for the Paksitan Football League (PFL)

Former Ballan d'Or winner (2001) Michael Owen has been signed by the Pakistan Football League to be their ambassador till 2025. Micheal Owen is well known for his time with Liverpool , Manchester United , Real Madrid and Newcastle United. PFL have roped in one of the best Englishmen to grace the game. It is a very shrewd move that could well pay huge dividends. "Owen will reveal the FPL logo from the home of football in OCtober" a statement from Global Soccer Ventures (GSV), the owners of the le

The impact of the Shell ruling on Formula One

Shell, the Dutch oil giant has been powering Scuderia Ferrari since the 1950s and has had ten constructors’ championships and twelve Driver Championships partnered with Ferrari. Shell had announced an extension of the partnership with Ferrari on the 18th of February 2021 up until 2030. As of the Carbon Majors Report 2017, Shell was the 9th biggest polluter in terms of volume in the world and the 2nd highest investor-owned emitting company. Friends of the Earth and others took Shell to court on t

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